Reasons Behind Mushrooming Shock Towers in a MINI

If you have a MINI model from the early to mid-2000s (20022006), you may have an issue with the reaction between your strut and your shock towers called “mushrooming.” It is a common problem with these specific models, and you need to know how to deal with the issue properly and resolve it in due time. We will go over what “mushrooming” is, signs that it is happening to your vehicle, reasons why it happens, and where to have your MINI repaired.

What is “Mushrooming?”

In the case of this issue, “mushrooming” is what happens when the strut repeatedly mashes into the shock towers of your MINI. It causes the sheet metal on the towers to bend, creating a mushroom-like shape.

Signs that Your MINI is Mushrooming

There are a couple of different warning signs and symptoms that you should pay attention to because they could very well indicate that your shock towers are mushrooming.

  • Your MINI will pull to the left or the right while driving, depending on which side is being bent. This is because your car is out of alignment.
  • Your shock towers will have a slightly convex shape to them if something is wrong. By default, they should be flat.

If you notice either of these things happening, you should get to a qualified mechanic right away for repairs. You know what to look for, but why does a MINI mushroom? You are about to find out.

Reasons Why Shock Towers in a MINI Mushroom

The general wear and tear of everyday driving takes a toll on your vehicle. This is true of any problem your car may be having. This and a couple of other things can cause your MINI’s shock towers to mushroom over time.

  • When you drive over bumps or into potholes at fast speeds, your strut and shock towers will mash together pretty hard. As it bends the metal every time you do this, your mushrooming problem will get worse.
  • The sheet metal used is too thin to withstand the rough handling of a vehicle. Later models have thicker metal used as a buffer.

How to Prevent Mushrooming of Your MINI

The way to keep your MINI’s shock towers from mushrooming quickly is simple. Try to avoid going over bumps or into holes at fast speeds. The less shock your towers have to absorb, the better. While it will not entirely fix the issue, it will slow down the deterioration that is happening.

You should also have your vehicle regularly inspected and repaired as needed. A professional can catch your issues early before they become a pain to fix. This is a good thing to remember in general because the longer you hold off on repairs, the more costly the damage will be in the long run.

When you do need someone to repair your shock towers, where do you go?

Where to Have Your MINI Serviced

Not every auto shop is equipped to handle European vehicle models like MINIs. Putting your car in the wrong hands could be a death sentence; someone who does not know what they are doing is just going to make everything wrong with your car worse.

That is why you should give Orange Motors a try. We are more than qualified to handle fine vehicles such as your own. Other auto shops can do routine maintenance like oil changes, sure, but we can give your MINI a deeper level of care than the competition because we specialize in the repair of European vehicle models such as Audi, BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Volvo.

MINI Mechanic Owner Discussion

Here at Orange Motors, we want you to know that you are in great hands with us. We use only the latest technology to diagnose and repair whatever may be wrong with your car; most other shops can’t compete with that.  We want to make sure that we get the job done right the first time so you do not have to stress about the money later.

In addition to your repairs, we do regular maintenance as well! Whenever you need your car aligned, your oil changed, or your tires rotated, we are here for you. Let us be your one stop shop for all things MINI; you will not regret it.

* Mini Cooper S image credit goes to: Terroa.