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Land Rover Repair

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Combining the comforts and high-end performance of European-made vehicles with the sporty capabilities of off-road SUVs, Land Rover gives drivers the best of both worlds. Of course they are known for their impressive durability but your Land Rover requires routine service performed by trained technicians that know how to properly maintain both European cars and vehicles that are more likely to be off-road. This way no matter the issue that arises or need your car has, it can all be handled in one place by specialists that you can trust with your vehicle.

Orange County Leaders In Service

At Orange Motors you not only get the proper maintenance your car needs but our technicians are also capable of providing any repairs your car requires. Since 1989 Orange Motors has taken care of Land Rovers with everything from:

  • Oil changes
  • Transmission repairs
  • Wheel alignments and tire rotations to promote even tire wear
  • Shocks and strut repair and suspension repairs to allow for better handling on and off road
  • Brake jobs including repairs and maintenance like changing brake pads and brake fluids
  • General repairs like diagnosing dashboard light indicators, punctured or damaged tires, unusual sounds or even if something just feels wrong, our technicians are here to help

What We Believe

Maintaining luxury cars like Land Rover can become a costly process with repeat visits to the dealership adding up quickly. At Orange Motors we will also give you an honest, accurate quote prior to any work so that your car gets the work it needs without deflating your budget. When you choose Orange Motors it is proven that you will save up to 30% yearly in service and repairs then if you went to the dealership. This combination of quality and affordability has made us Orange County’s choice alternative to the dealerships for the over two decades.

How To Find Us

If you are in Fullerton, Anaheim Hills, Irvine or Yorba Linda and need maintenance for your Land Rover call Orange Motors today. Our ASE certified Land Rover specialists know that the roads can throw a lot of unexpected things at your car and with Orange Motors you and your car will be ready for anything.

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