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Porsche Repair

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Perhaps the highest standard of luxury car, Porsche has remained timelessly cool for decades and consistently reinvents itself without sacrificing the quality of design it’s known for. By integrating the latest technology alongside improving the comfort and performance specs with each new model and generation, Porsche constantly sets and resets the standard for what a car can do. Because it is so known for it’s look and it’s performance, most drivers tend to go straight to the dealership for service but that can become costly fast. Repeat visits and tough to book appointments often leave drivers frustrated and with a Porsche performing at less than peak levels. An alternative to dealership service, Orange Motors has been giving Orange County residents the quality Porsche maintenance they need while maintaining a more affordable price point for over 20 years.

Repairs And Maintenance You Can Trust

At Orange Motors we believe in quality of service without cutting corners or rushing turnaround times. Instead, we treat each issue with your Porsche the same no matter how big or small and proudly provide extensive Porsche services like:

  • Engine services and repairs
  • Computer software updates and troubleshooting
  • Transmission service and repairs
  • Brake system repairs
  • Oil and fluid changes and services
  • Wheel alignment, tire rotations and wheel balancing
  • Cosmetic repairs like dent and ding removals
  • ABS steering troubleshooting and repairs
  • Full detailing services to maintain car’s sleek appearance
  • Suspension and shock modifications and repairs

Each service we provide is handled by ASE certified, trained professionals that specialize in Porsche maintenance. This way you can rest assured that your car is properly taken care of and that you’ll be able to enjoy your Porsche how it was made to be driven.

Get Your Porsche Serviced Today

If you are in Anaheim Hills, Fullerton, Irvine or Yorba Linda and need repairs or maintenance for your Porsche than Orange Motors is the solution. Our friendly staff makes everything from scheduling repairs to ordering replacement parts easy and convenient to your schedule while our trained mechanics make sure that your Porsche gets the quality of work it needs. We know that any Porsche is expected to look great, sound great and handle great and with our team taking care of it, you can count on yours to stay in pristine condition for years.

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