Muffler Bracket Failure in a Volkswagen

Muffler Bracket Failure in a Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a name synonymous with reliability.  However, every vehicle is made up of many small parts all working together.  When one of those parts fails it can significantly impact the performance of your Volkswagen and the quality of your driving experience.  When these small components fail it can create a domino effect that can damage all the larger parts of your Volkswagen made up of these smaller parts.

The importance of routine maintenance and inspection cannot be overstated.  Today we are going to examine the causes of failure for one of these small parts and what we at Orange Motors can do to fix the issue for you.

Muffler Bracket Purpose

The muffler bracket, although not a very well-known part, plays a critical role in the performance of your Volkswagen.  Also known as an exhaust hanger it allows the exhaust pipe of your vehicle to hang beneath your vehicle allowing the exhaust to be pumped out from under the back of your Volkswagen safely.

If your vehicle has a low suspension or you drive over a bump too quickly your Volkswagen’s exhaust system can become damaged causing your muffler bracket to become loose.  This can cause problems for your vehicle’s entire exhaust system an essential component in keeping your Volkswagen running safely and efficiently.

Signs of Muffler Bracket Failure

Initial signs of muffler bracket failure are often small and easily ignored.  You may notice rattling or vibration from your vehicle after passing over a bump in the road.   If the muffler bracket problem worsens you may be able to hear the muffler or the exhaust pipe banging against the chassis of your Volkswagen as you go over a bump.  Finally if the muffler bracket becomes too loose and comes completely off your exhaust system could drag along the ground causing incredible damage to the system and ruin your driving experience.

The more these problems compound and grow the more overall damage to your vehicle exhaust system and the greater the cost to repair the damage.  It all begins with the loosening and failure of your muffler bracket.  This is why it is so important to conduct routine maintenance on your Volkswagen and catch these small part failures before they compound leading to greater vehicle damage and greater cost to you the vehicle owner.

How Orange Motors Can Help

It is incredibly important to routinely take your Volkswagen to a skilled automotive mechanic in order to catch problems like muffler bracket failure while they are still easily fixable.  Our experts here at Orange Motors possess the skill and experience to quickly diagnose failures in small parts, like the muffler bracket, allowing us to quickly get your Volkswagen back on the road saving you both time and money!

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