What Are the Issues Related to Land Rover Parking Brakes?

Land Rovers are built to last. They are hearty vehicles, durable beyond most other luxury cars on the market today. They can handle some of the most intense driving conditions out there, and generally come out of the experience unscathed. However, just like every other vehicle on the road, Land Rovers come with their own unique issues and quirks.

One of the more prominent issues that Land Rover drivers run into is parking brake failure. It’s important to note that parking brake failure isn’t a problem that is unique to Land Rovers alone, but it is certainly one that occurs more frequently in Land Rover cars for some reason. This could have to do with any one of the following contributing factors:

  • Inappropriate use of parking brake
  • Ongoing wear and tear
  • Mileage and age of vehicle
  • Driving conditions where a lot of dust, dirt, or mud are present
  • Frequency of use of the parking brake (i.e. living in especially mountainous or hilly areas)
  • Manufacturing or design deficits

All of these factors contribute to how quickly your parking brake deteriorates, so it’s important to monitor your daily habits and driving conditions in an effort to put a stop to premature parking brake failure, if possible. In this article, we’ll discuss why attending to a failing or malfunctioning parking brake is essential and what you can do to tackle the problem effectively, as well as what you can look for in a failing parking brake.

A Failed Parking Brake is a Serious Safety Concern

Your Land Rover is equipped with a high quality performance braking system, which is used throughout every day that you drive your vehicle. This makes your car’s braking system one of the more prominent areas to service routinely; however, we rarely consider our emergency or parking brake. Using your parking brake routinely is an important habit to get into, as it can help prevent disastrous accidents, such as rolling away and hitting a pedestrian or the car parked in front of you. Furthermore, your emergency brake is a fail-safe that can help keep you safe if your regular braking system fails.

What to Expect from a Malfunctioning or Failing Parking Brake

It’s important to remain aware of any changes that your parking brake exhibits, as these can be warning signs that you need to bring it in for servicing. It’s critical to stay on top of this issue and have it addressed with immediacy to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Here are some warning signs you should be on the lookout for in a failing parking brake:

Parking brake will not release properly

If you’re unable to release the parking brake fully, it can certainly affect your Land Rover’s performance, and it isn’t good to drive with a parking brake that is still engaged; it can cause further damage to the parking brake itself, or to other related components that are affected by the brake’s engagement.

Parking brake will not engage properly

This is a common complaint of Land Rover drivers, in that the parking brake doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything. If you can still rock your car back and forth as you sit with the parking brake in an engaged position, something isn’t working properly.

Parking brake light in dashboard doesn’t turn off

In this case, the parking brake might not be the issue, and various sensors could be to blame for the light not turning off once you disengage the brake. It’s best to have it looked at by a professional.

Parking brake light doesn’t come on when engaged

This could signify that the brake isn’t engaging at all, but again, it could simply be related to an issue with one or more sensors related to the brake.

Delayed engagement

This is one of the more common complaints related to parking brake function in Land Rovers. Also termed “late resistance” or “late tension,” delayed engagement refers to the interval of space it takes to fully engage the parking brake. If you notice the lever can come up much higher than usual before it stops, then the brake cable could be worn, stretched, or has failed completely.

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Addressing Land Rover Parking Brake Failure

The Land Rover experts here at Orange Motors service a range of Land Rover models from all over the areas of Anaheim Hills, Yorba LindaIrvine and Fullerton, CA. If you are experiencing issues with your parking brake, please call one of our specialists right away – your safety is the most important thing.

* Land Rover Defender 90 image credit goes to: typhoonski.