Common Electrical Issues in the Audi’s Dashboard

While Audi generally produces excellent quality vehicles that drivers love, they may on occasion experience some issues. The Audi has been known to suffer from various electrical problems in some models. When dealing with any form of electrical issues, it can be tough to diagnose the source of the issue. However, being aware that your car may be known for some electrical problems can help when it comes to diagnosing the issue. You will be able to keep an eye out for signs that would indicate any form of electrical malfunction.

It is recommended that you have a trusted mechanic who is familiar with Audis. When taking your vehicle in for regular maintenance your mechanic may be able to identify signs of wear or malfunctions before the problems increase. It is also wise to have regular maintenance because it can help increase the life of your vehicle.

Electrical Issues in Audis

Audis commonly have issues with their electrical systems. Some areas are more likely to fail than others, and if you have reoccurring electrical issues, it could shed some light on a bigger issue that will need to be addressed.

The most common electrical problems with an Audi is having a burnt out power window motor. Usually the first to fail is general the drivers window because it is the one that has the highest use. The first signs of this will be the window moving slower when it is being raised or lowered, which will soon be followed by it refusing to work at all.

Another electrical issue you may experience with your vehicle could be having stuck brake lights, meaning that your brake lights will not turn off. This can be dangerous to drive with and should be addressed immediately.

With either of these issues, they are not expensive repairs and will likely just be annoying to deal with. If the problem is recurring you may want to consult your trusted mechanic for further investigation of the issue.

Electrical Problems with the Dashboard

An Audi is equipped with an MMI unit — that stands for Multi Media Interface. The MMI is the interface system that was designed as an operating system for your vehicle’s controls including the navigation system, the radio, and the dashboard. In some Audi models this MMI unit is located near the cup holders in your vehicle. While this might seem like a convenient place for the unit, it poses various issues if your drink spills or springs a leak.

It has occurred far too frequently in the Audi where owners will be driving and accidentally spill a drink over the MMI unit. The problem is that this spillage may result in the entire system burning out. If your system burns out you may have to entirely replace the control board on the unit. This can be a pricey repair that must be fixed or it leaves the driver without many of the vehicle controls that are necessary for driving.

This issue is a design flaw in the vehicle, and while it is an electrical problem it is also the result of human error and accidents. People make mistakes and though most of the time they can be avoided, having an electrical unit seated next to a cup holder probably is not the best design. If you have spilled a drink over the MMI unit it will cause issues with your vehicle displays and dashboard, but it is important to know that you’re not alone and that this is an issue that is far too common in Audis. It is important to take your vehicle to a trusted professional to have it diagnosed and repaired.

Audi RS5

How We Can Help

At Orange Motors, we have expertly trained mechanics who will be able to quickly identify any electrical issues you are experiencing with your vehicle. We take pride in our customer service and working with our clients to determine the most cost-effective means of repairing your vehicle. We are convenient to residents of Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Irving and Fullerton, CA. If you think you are dealing with an electrical issue and would like to schedule a repair, please feel free to contact our office where a representative will be more than happy to assist you.

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