Volkswagen Repair

We are your Volkswagen Dealer Alternative for all your repair and service needs. All Factory scheduled maintenance and service are performed as per Factory Specifications and at great savings over Dealer's costs.
Yes, for Volkswagen Repair and Service, we can save you 20%-30% Throughout The Year on all of your Volkswagen Service And Repair Needs!
Welcome to Orange Motors Independent Volkswagen Service Center, your complete dealer alternative for Volkswagen repair and service in Orange, CA

When seeking professional repairs and service for your Volkswagen vehicle, there is no other better option than Orange Motors. We have specialized in the repair and servicing of Volkswagens for the last 24 years. We at Orange Motors are great at delivering high quality service for your exclusive vehicle on time and at the best price. With a solid client base in the city of Orange, Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Irvine, and Fullerton over the years, we are happy when our customers feel satisfied with our quality of work.

Due to the sophistication of the design, the engines of Volkswagens require proper handling by expert skilled technicians. Normal technicians might not be able to solve all of the issues of your vehicle, so it is important to go to a specialized auto repair company, like Orange Motors that particularly deals with the servicing of Volkswagens.

Volkswagen Repair In Orange, we are capable of providing the best service and repair of your vehicle. With our trained and experienced staff, we are skilled in performing every service and repair of Volkswagen related to mechanical, electrical, engine, transmission, oil checking, brakes etc. In addition, we also provide entire maintenance, like regular oil changes and scheduled services.

Our expert mechanics and engineers are ASE certified master technicians who know all about the mechanics of Volkswagen vehicles. We also take care of preventative maintenance that prevents large repairs in the future. With our services of Volkswagen Repair In Anaheim Hills, we have the ability to solve any related problems with your car. Our mechanics are experienced and know how to use all of the hi-tech tools on your vehicle. We ensure that your Volkswagen will receive the proper attention it deserves.

At Volkswagen Repair In Yorba Linda, our services are top of the line and owners of Volkswagens from all over come to our shop to get the best solutions to any problems. Focusing on Volkswagen Factory scheduled maintenance we follow all of the Volkswagen Factory specifications. We keep up to date on all of the latest information with all factory recalls and bulletins. We always offer quality personalized service and workmanship to our customers. We at Orange Motors are accomplished at providing Volkswagen Repair In Irvine in the most effective way. Our rates are comparatively low. Some of the programs or services and maintenance we provide for your Volkswagen SUV, car and Truck are –

  • Tune-ups
  • Oil changes
  • Inspect, replace or check brakes, if required
  • Radiator – Anti Freeze change/ flush/coolant
  • Replacement of Air filter
  • Air Conditioning
  • Tire or wheel alignment
  • Service, Exhaust and Muffle repair
  • Replacement of timing belt

Volkswagen Repair In Fullerton offers services for your Volkswagen for every make and model. We make it our goal to keep your Volkswagen in good running condition by providing regular maintenance, service and repair. For more details you can contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help you with your Volkswagen vehicle.

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