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150 E. Lincoln Ave Orange, CA 92865


Manny M

Thank you for prompt and courteous service on our BMW. We would have paid almost twice as much at the dealer. We have converted to Orange Motors since last year. After regular maintenance work, this was the the first major work we had done by them and we are very glad we found them.


Orange Motors is a great auto repair shop. I have been taking my Mercedes there for years and have always appreciated the customer service and friendliness of the staff. They do quality work and have favorable rates. I would recommend Orange Motors highly!!!


WOW! What a GREAT place! Our Min Cooper S just came out of “bumper to bumper” service from Crevier Mini. I wanted a place close to our house and read reviews and checked them out here and on other sites. While we had a major problem with the Mini, we were fortunate and had an extended warranty. Addie kept me in the loop and helped me with the extended warranty with Mercury Insurance. Happy to have a great honest mechanic that really knew the product. We’ll be bringing our car there for all service. Check them out before you go to the dealer.


I have been bringing my car here for years now. They do good work, quickly and always remember my name. The owner is never rushed nor is he scamming anyone. I would rather pay a few extra bucks to know that my vehicle is sound and being handled by honest people than pay a “bargain” mechanic to provide inferior service.


First I’d like to say I have been extremal satisfied with the quality of work that have been done on my vehicles. One of my cars a Volvo S40 my son drives it and I do not want him to drive a car that’s not safe and reliable. Addie did the 105,000 mile service filters, fluids changes, timing belt, timing belt, Addie recommended we do the water pump; price was just the cost of the pump Addie explained the timing belt is next to the water pump might as well do it while I’m there. I did. All I can say the service is great and extremely knowledgeable and my cars are always done on time. His prices are very fair, however his quality of his work is outstanding. I just wished I lived closer to his shop, 28 miles is a drive but well worth, piece of mind.


I choose to have ALL of my major service done on my VW and even my Toyota when I travel to Southern CA. I am sure there are plenty of reputable places nearby and they are good for my oil changes, but I have been going to Orange Motors since 2003 and trust their quality of work and their honesty. Never had a bad experience and their prices are fair. Owners appreciate your business and will tell you what needs attention and what can wait.


I got my 1997 BMW Z3 serviced here last Friday. I was very pleased at the professionalism I received. Addie the owner was very helpful and forward about pricing. He only recommends truly important fix’s unlike other shop who only wants your dollar. Addie was very polite and reasonable when estimating his services. Pay Orange Motors a visit, you won’t regret it!


The only place I will ever take my car. It is so hard to find a great mechanic who won’t take advantage of you. My family and I have been going here for many years now and have never been disappointed. Addie, the owner, has never let us down and is considered a close, family friend. It doesn’t matter where I’ll live in the future or if it will be too far, I will always come back to Orange Motors when needed. Addie has your back!